We are looking for your expertise to broaden the experience of our customers

ECOMERS is developing, we need as many as excellence people like you to join us; we provide the best working environment we can to you; we create the best platform we can for you; we make the happy working team we can and waiting for you .

Our management expertise are “taking humans as essentials; encourage innovation; scout and training talent “

Our values are “optimism, Honesty, to be the best”;

We will train and employ high-quality personnel to build the best team, welcome you to join us and welcome to developing with ECOMERS!

Talent Concept:

Our employees are the key and the driving force of our development. We strive to build a path for every employee to grow and fulfill their dreams.

Recruitment Info:

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Become a supplier for Ecomers

Electronics and accessories:

The product shall be the latest in the market and compliant with international market requirements.

The supplier shall demonstrate enough economic power to offer competitive prices.

The supplier shall be well funded and engaged in trading, or integrates the industry and trading.

The supplier shall have a quick and stable supply chain, possess the ability to quickly outsource, and can supply products of many different types and in small batches.

The supplier shall be quality oriented to provide superior after-sales services.

Bluetooth headphones and loudspeakers:

The product shall be compliant with the aesthetic requirements of international clients.

The product shall be in fashionable style, delicately designed, in tune with international fashion and taste, and at competitive prices.

The supplier shall be able to deliver products within the required time, and have products in stock.

Sportswear and accessories:

The product shall be for export to European and American markets.

The product shall be fashionably styled and compliant with the demands of the international sports and young customer groups.

The supplier shall understand the demands of the European and American markets, and be strict in raw materials for export.

The supplier shall be able to offer competitive prices.